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Sleep Tracker Makes Waking Up Brighter

Most of us struggle to get proper sleep. We get caught up with how much we sleep. However, the real problem is how well we sleep. Circadia combines our natural sleep cycle with our natural desire to wake up to daylight.

Most people wake up from their sleep feeling groggy and needing a cup of coffee to get going. So they try to sleep a little extra. But sleeping extra doesn’t make them feel better. Sometime it makes them feel worse.

A proper sleep cycle, on the other hand, changes your day. When you sleep, your body goes through cycles of brain activity. Also, your deepest sleep gives your body some of its best rest. That cycle that fluctuates is what is known as a Circadian rhythm. However, waking up in that deep sleep makes you feel like the walking dead. Waking up at the right time makes you feel refreshed and ready to conquer your day.

sleep tracker

Circadia creates an atmosphere that encourages proper sleep cycles. It tracks your sleep patterns and creates a circadian rhythm. It then determines what the ideal rhythm would be and attempts to help you sleep better.

Many smart wearables and smartphone apps include sleep tracking to adjust your sleep rhythm. However, Circadia uses light therapy to take sleep cycling to the next level. Our bodies naturally want to wake up to light. When it’s dark or rainy, our bodies feel sluggish and groggy. This sleep tracker uses a light cycle to help wake you up and make you feel ready for the day.

sleep tracker

As I said, sleep trackers are not a new creation. But Circadia includes a suite of features that makes it stand out. The developers claim to be able to track sleep patterns to 98% accuracy. It tracks humidity, temperature, sound levels, and a host of other conditions. It links with other fitness trackers, like FitBit, to help you stay in sync and track heart-rate. Circadia may not be new, but it does do sleep better.

This sleep tracker is making waves on Kickstarter after only a few days of funding. It exceeded funding by $25,000 and 21 days remain on the campaign. Tell us in the comments what you think of this new sleep tracker and if you think that sleep tracking can make your life better.

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