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Innovators seem to be able to turn anything into smart objects nowadays. First a cooler, then a coffee table and now a bike. Yes, you read that right. A bike. The team at Smacircle Technology have developed the first smart bike. Now you can finally throw your dumb old Norco mountain bike away just like you did your coffee table and pick up a Smacircle S1!

The Features

The Smacircle claims to be the smallest and most lightweight eBike on the market. Clocking in at only 15.4lbs it is quite a bit more lightweight than it’s competitors which average about 30-60lbs. It may be small and lightweight but it can reach impressive speeds of up to 12.4MPH, beating the Swagcycle in not only weight but speed as well.

The bike can be connected via Bluetooth to any Android or IOS smartphone. The things you can do with your phone are quite amazing. You are able to lock the bike, monitor your battery and speed, set maximum speed preferences and more. The bike contains a phone mount so if you have the device connected you can monitor the battery and see how fast you are traveling.

The Design

To me, the Design looks more futuristic than it does modern. If you’re looking for something that will make you look like your riding a prop from a movie, this would be it.

The bike itself may be very small and light weight but never judge a book by its cover. It is made out of 100% carbon fiber and can hold up to 220LB’s. Sorry, Shaquille O’Neal you won’t be riding this anytime soon.

The great part about this bike is that you are able to fold it up in 5 easy steps and throw it into the backpack they provide when you buy an S1.


The Pricing

Smacircle Technology, the team behind this project has already raised $37,539 exceeding their goal of $30,000 and still have a month left in their funding. If you wish to own one of these eBikes you can pre-order now for $549 on IndieGoGo. If you back the project you will receive one Smacircle S1 eBike and a backpack to carry it around.

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