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Smart Bottle Tracks Your Baby’s Health

I wrote about a smart water bottle that tracks your hydration using an app. But, in a largely unexplored field, Naya helps you track your baby’s feeding habits. The smart bottle sneaked into a field that needs a little more brains.

Tracking a baby’s consumption habits can be a challenge. So Naya Health Smart Bottle helps out with that task. It records volumes of stored breast milk and analyzes the contents of the breast milk. Also, the Naya bottle fits a few pump brands for versatility.

Tracking consumption habits and breast milk quality is a fascinating and future-thinking development. However, I am a little puzzled how they analyze the milk quality. Too little detail makes me a little skeptical. Overall, Naya appears to cut a new path into a new field of smart technology. Check them out on Kickstarter and tell us what you think in the comments below!

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