Smart Protektor


Crowdfunding is a great source for independent developers and small companies to start new projects. One thing that should always be considered when starting a project is if it is a new idea. When you start a project that is already out there you tend to run into funding issues and push-back from other developers and supporters.


Sebastian Wagner Z. started a campaign on Kickstarter for the Smart Protektor. This is a phone charging cord that has a 2-in-1 cable connecting to iPhone and android phones. It has a monitor that shows how much power is going into the device and an auto shut off feature. This feature automatically stops the charge after the phone reaches 100% battery.



Smart Protektor‘s campaign has an issue with originality. This product is already being sold on the market. It looks as if they took an existing product and decided to run it as a new idea. For one thing, it is not a new idea, and for another, it is not even a new specific product.


Kickstarter has suspended their funding due to this little scandal. It would have been okay if they were going to introduce even a slight change in the product. But this copy and paste style campaign is sloppy and unethical.


The “super early bird” deal for Smart Protektor is listed on Kickstarter at $12. While the product is sold at for its original price of $9.72. This product may seem to be a helpful tool for you, so check it out on aliexpress. But the campaign itself is a sham and it is good that Kickstarter has shut them down. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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