Smartshoe: The Next Step In Wearable Tech

Back to the Future Part 2 enthralled us with all of the inventions we should have seen by 2015. Unfortunately, no one developed a hover-board or a flying car (of the same caliber). However, Marty McFly’s excellent shoes just became a reality.  Digitsole introduces the next generation of wearable,smart technology, the smartshoe.

All The Good Stuff

The Digitsole packs smart technology into a stylish, high-top sneaker. The front panel raises and lowers for a self-tightening feature. Additionally, the self-tightening can be adjusted to your level of comfort and optimum fit.

However, these shoes do much more than tighten comfortably. The Digitsole keeps track of your step count, distance traveled, stair count, and elevation tracking. Also, they can determine your sole pressure pattern and calories burnt. Going beyond expectations, these shoes have temperature control. So if you literally have cold feet, they can warm you up.


These smart shoes include a lithium-ion battery for long-lasting battery life. The campaign claims that they last as long as two weeks on one charge. The battery life varies based on use. Also, the shoes charge using a microUSB cable. The future of footwear could involve plugging your shoes in on a daily basis!

Digitsole includes its own app. The app tracks all of the aforementioned information. Also, all the tracking sensors and app data interpretation was developed alongside podiatrists for greater accuracy.

All The Bad Stuff

So let’s get down to the cons. The first concern with wearable, smart technology, is wear-and-tear. Unfortunately, wearable technology comes with a high price. So if you break it, you pay a hefty price for it. The Digitsole Smartshoe will inevitably suffer from heavy wear. The obvious suggestion… Don’t play soccer in these bad boys.


This smart shoe includes speed and performance tracking. But who goes running in this shoe? While advertised to be activewear, it doesn’t offer a really active form. It looks great for a regular shoe. However, it doesn’t lend itself to daily exercise.

My last concern is the price. The Kickstarter campaign offers the Digitsole for $200. For a pair of smart shoes, that price competes with most luxury footwear. But the retail price lists at $600! The price throws affordability out the window. This exorbitant price is out of reach for most people. The Digitsole offers a launch point for the smart shoe market. We can expect to see more technology centered around footwear with similar quality and features.

The Digitsole can be found on Kickstarter. The developers are seeking $50,000 and have reached about $36,000 of that goal. How much are smart shoes worth to you? Let us know in the comments below!


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