Convenience on a New Level

The inventors of Sobro have seen everything leaning toward innovation, but they noticed furniture has fallen behind the curve. They decided to continue the evolution of furniture with this new coffee table called Sobro. It brings technology, convenience, and style to the middle of the room.

Sobro gives you the ability to be a good host without leaving the party. This well crafted piece of furniture offers two USB ports and two power outlet ports right on the side of the table. Next to the outlets is a speaker that can be connected to via Bluetooth. The campaign’s success has allowed them to offer a Bluetooth dongle for your TV so that you can connect the sound straight to the table. On the front, or back depending on how you decide to situate it, is three drawers. Two are stacked on top of each other so that you can keep any charging cords from cluttering up the room, but the third is a refrigerator drawer that you can keep beverages in for convenience.

Sobro adds style to your living space. The elegance is on point with the tempered glass with touch controls. You can control your Bluetooth, audio, lights, and drawer temperature right from the tabletop. The lighting also adds a nice effect to the room. Its LED lights on the underside let you set the mood of the room. The look and all the features make this table perfect for any occasion from Super Bowl parties to binge watching The Office reruns alone on a Friday night.

I really like this innovation and what it includes. The fact that you keep the coffee table in the middle of the room makes it the perfect place to include these great improvements for your living room. The only concern I have about this product is the power source. It has to be powered, but most people do not have a plug in the middle of the floor. It comes with a 10 foot cord which should provide adequate length to plug in for most homes, but I would rather not have a cord running across my floor permanently that I have to trip over. Overall, it is a good product, and I look forward to seeing more ideas like it come to market. Check Sobro out on Indiegogo today and back them for a significant discount. In the comment section below let us know if you think that this sort of technology should start to be standard in houses.

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