solar smartwatch

Solar Smartwatch: What A Smartwatch Should Be

The smartwatch has taken a variety of forms. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to classify different smartwatches. The LunaR sits in the solar, simple, elegant category with a dash of smart.

The smartwatch brings to mind a watch that can function almost as intricately as your smartphone. However, LunaR makes that definition a littler murky. On the smart front, it can track activity, display multiple time zones, alert for phone notifications, and tell sunrise and sunset times. Which all sounds great, but that’s a far cry from the Apple watch or other smartwatches.

The LunaR would be less than stelar without its app. The app keeps track of your step count, light levels (as your watch recharges), time zones, and much more. The smartwatch mostly facilitates the measuring while the smartphone shows you what it collects.

solar smartwatch

What makes LunaR fascinating is not the smart functions. This smartwatch recharges using solar technology. Using the photovoltaic surface, the solar smartwatch recharges in about an hour. Since it doesn’t have all those apps and functions, it can maintain charge much easier.

Solar charging always lacks the power of outlet charging. However, LunaR only uses a little power compared to other smartwatches. So it’s easy to keep it charged up. However, that comes at the cost of fewer functions.

solar smartwatch

Additionally, the LunaR looks sharp and is waterproof. While most smartwatches have taken the rectangular, boxy form, this smartwatch looks like a dress watch. Using an analog format, it just looks sharp and elegant. Also, while it looks good, it also puts up with a little abuse. It can be submerged up to 50 meters. So you could swim with it (for whatever reason).

Overall, LunaR keeps it simple and looks sharp. It doesn’t overcomplicate the smartwatch so it’s not just another smartphone on your wrist. Even better, this solar smartwatch costs around $200 retail which is far cheaper than other smartwatches. Let us know what you think of the LunaR in the comments below!

LunaR is funding on Kickstarter having raised around $125,000.

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