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Sound Blocker Keeps Snooping Ears Out

I’m revisiting a product that we have seen a lot of recently, the webcam cover. I know you’re tired of seeing it, and I am too. Luckily this cover comes with another handy security device, a sound blocker. Let’s take a closer look at Nope and how it offers an extra layer of security for your laptop.

I normally don’t like to repeat myself on products as a lot of products become Kickstarter fads. I recently wrote two articles on two different webcam covers that offer nearly identical services. The Nope webcam cover offers the same function as those. It’s simple and unimpressive. However, Nope also offers a sound blocker, a unique and new security measure.

As I said, the webcam cover provides a standard function that we’ve seen before. The developers created a bracket with a sliding cover that sticks to your laptop using 3M tape. It simply slides in front of your camera to block snooping eyes. So it works a lot likeĀ Spyslide, Privoo, or ISCC. Since Nope fails to provide anything new, I won’t waist my time on specifics.

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While the webcam gets a lot of attention, most people overlook the microphone. We all worry about privacy and are quick to tell Alexa to stop listening. However, someone could hack your computer and start listening as well. We shouldn’t be quaking in fear over every possible privacy violation. But we should be concerned about our privacy.

The Nope offers a simple and unique solution to snooping ears. It simply shuts down your microphone. Constructed of just a 3.5mm jack with a tab, it provides one function. The sound blocker forces the computer to recognize an installed microphone that doesn’t really exist and mutes any other microphones. Therefore, no sound travels in.

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Overall, the product is simple. There are homemade substitutions that provide the same service without a special purchase. However, if you want a dedicated product that looks clean and professional, the Nope offers a great alternative. Nope offers an extra level of security in a dangerous internet environment.

One last note, the sound blocker blocks your sound port. Therefore, you cannot use the Nope and 3.5mm headphones simultaneously. However, the Nope offers added security when the computer is idle or when you aren’t using the headphone jack.

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The sound blocker provides a simple function that can be accomplished with homemade materials. However, for a professional looking product, the Nope gives you what you need at a reasonable price. It only costs $25 for two sound blockers and three webcam covers. The developers raised over $32,000 in six days on Kickstarter. Let us know if you think the Nope stands out in the sea of webcam covers and privacy products!

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