Crooked Security

Computer cameras are a security concern to any knowledgable PC user. The sticky note camera cover is an option that is effective, but just looks unprofessional. The Intelligent Security | Camera Cover is a small, elegant solution.

If this does not sound familiar, head back and read the article “Security is Small But Elegant” because this next product is actually the same with slightly different design.

If you are a regular browser of crowdfunding sights, you may recognize this product. Spyslide is an adhesive placed over your web cam on any device, that protects you from hackers. “You can’t be too careful” as they say. But what you can do is research products before you back a campaign. I have talked in the past about being open and honest in crowdfunding campaigns (review the “Secret to Success on Campaigns” post). Spyslide has run their product through Indiegogo and raised almost $60,000 when asking for only $5,000. According to their campaign they should be well on their way and almost ready to ship products out. They project a shipping date of May 2017. There’s just one red flag popping up, and that is their new Kickstarter campaign.

Spyslide now has 31 days left on their Kicksterter campaign where they have asked for $5,422. I guess $60,000 was not enough to get them moving, even though that is what they specifically said. Now they have weaseled their way to another $27,000 on Kickstarter.

Does this mean that they should have asked for more in the first place? Or are they just being greedy? The idea of saving one’s privacy is a noble cause, but they seem to have turned it into a crooked campaign. Security is such a big issue that this product will sell. Do you really need a second campaign to be sure of that? You would think that the product’s success would be definitive when your original campaign is funded 1200%.  Let us know if you think a second campaign is ethical or even necessary  in the comment section below.

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