Camera gear is a hot-spot for technological invention. Camera glide rails are a must for product shots and quality panning for cinematic shooting. They come in a variety of form factors, but a glide rail that accomplishes all that Starslider does is very hard to find. 


The Starslider is equipped with much more than just a smooth motion motor for a delicate and even motion. It is a multi-axis rotational camera mount that can dolly, pan, and tilt. Want a little more? You can have all these qualities motorized and silent. The Starslider was built for flexibility. The motorized components permit vertical set-ups, rotational shooting, and longitudinal panning. Starslider was developed to give freedom of movement for dynamic shooting that other equipment provides but in a single package.





The Starslider was also equipped with strong magnetic feet for vertical mounting or even vehicle mounting. The modular design of the Starslider components grants a variety of situation specific set-ups. It does not have to be constructed as a complete package, but can be built to specific needs for a particular shoot. The Starslider can be simplified to just the pan and tilt module (the monolite) if the glide rail is not needed. Versatility makes this product a step above the basic guide rail and 3-axis system.


The creators of Starslider developed an app for optimal control over camera movement. The app allows you to not only control the camera in real time, but also set save a movement pattern. Movement speed can also be controlled for slow and fast movement. The versatility that the app provides allows for beautiful camera motion for video, but also has slow enough setting for panning timelapses.



The Starslider is a beautiful piece of camera equipment, but it is not for the casual photographer. The Starslider Linear (the glide rail) with one motor plus cable and a control unit, the price runs around $800. The full package with the Linear, monolite, 2 motor plus cable, and control unit will run around $1,600. The equipment is great, but is probably more suited for professional level photography and videography. However, they are seeking funding on Kickstarter and have a few early bird deals for those interested. How do you think the Starslider stands up compared to other glide rails? Let us know in the comment section below!

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