Steadicam Volt

Cinematic videography with smartphones is becoming easier as our handheld devices are becoming more… Wait, I think that I have said this before. The smartphone gimbal is becoming a popular invention and is stepping into the consumer realm very quickly. The Tiffen Company is weighing in with their own adaptation, the Steadicam Volt, which comes close on the heals of the FlowMotion One (discussed in a previous article).


The Steadicam Volt is a smartphone gimbal produced by the iconic Tiffen Company. The Tiffen Company has had great success in producing camera stabilization equipment for Hollywood. The Steadicam Volt, however, was developed for the average consumer with a healthy interest in videography. Smooth, cinematic video can be achieved even in action scenarios.


The Steadicam Volt utilizes a gyroscopic stabilization system to maintain a level (similar to the FlowMotion One). The gimbal also utilizes an app, available for both Android and Apple devices, for additional tuning and balancing. According to the Kickstarter page, the “Haptic control utilizes Simulated Inertia.” That would be a fancy way to say that the gimbal reacts to the hand motions of the user. Additional features include: dual operating modes for experienced and beginner users, a compact folded form factor, bluetooth pairing, and the ability to function a depleted battery.



The Tiffen Company showcased the Steadicam Volt at CES revealing some of the what makes it stand out against the competing 3-axis gimbals, such as the FlowMotion One. The Steadicam Volt touts a faster response time while tracking action scenes. The 3-axis gimbals seem to follow motion at a slower pace in an attempt to maintain stability. The Volt also has the ability to pan independently of an object tracker by using only your thumb. The independence of free movement without tracking a particular object makes the Volt more versatile for non action shooting.


The Steadicam Volt also comes in at a more compelling price point of $200, while other gimbals seem to be hitting the market closer to $300. It offers cinema grade stabilization to home videos and aspiring videographers. You can find the Steadicam Volt on Kickstarter where it has exceeded its goals and is still funding. Becoming a backer of only $139 gets you your own Steadicam Volt. Let us know how you think the Steadicam Volt compares to the FlowMotion One (and if you will be getting one) in the comments below!


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