Solar Charging Without the Inconvenience

Smartphone batteries are crap. Using your smartphone to its full potential results in a dead phone before the day is over. Very quickly, expandable batteries became a big hit on crowdfunding sites, but those need a wall charge too. The next natural, innovative step is clean charging using solar technology. Sunthetic brings solar charging in a slim, convenient form. 

A couple years ago, I had the opportunity to get a test product from a team called THEO. Since that test product, I have always used my expanded battery case. So where’s the problem? I still have to charge it on the regular.

Sunthetic, in contrast to other battery cases, introduces something revolutionary. We previously talked about portable solar chargers, but Sunthetic is thin and a part of your phone case. The charger is a slide-on case that has a built-in solar panel and a small battery. This phone case is not only wirelessly charging, but also using completely renewable energy to get the job done.

The Technology

Innovation is what excites us, and a solar battery bank is a pretty neat addition to the phone case industry. The Sunthetic works as you would expect in using solar energy to build a charge in the battery bank. The charge is transferred to your phone using a simple double-tap on the back panel. With that simple action, the Sunthetic discharges 10% of battery life to your phone to keep you alive.

Unfortunately, 10% is the maximum amount that can be discharged at a time. This means that you must double-tap the panel multiple times to get more charge. In addition to small discharges, the Sunthetic only holds 40% of your phone’s charge. However, we might have heard from a little bird that there is some good progress into making that battery a little bigger.

The Hardware

While the case is less exciting, the design is still important. It was designed to keep all your needed ports open and protect your phone. Our first concern was that the lightning port would be taken up by the charger and become inaccessible with the case on. The developers let us know that “the case is built to keep all your needed ports open and protect your phone.”

Unfortunately, the developers have not given any details on the strength of the case. There are not drop tests or stress tests on their campaign, but this was also not built to be a LifeProof case. Overall, the build looks solid as well as convenient to remove. And for all of our Android or other users, this is an iPhone only case. The Sunthetic was built to fit the iPhone 6 and 7.

The Sunthetic iPhone case is a beautiful integration of solar technology with expandable smartphone battery cases. The case is set to price around $120, but their IndieGoGo campaign is featuring a discounted price of $95. They have only achieved a little over 10% of their $50,000 goal, but they still have plenty of time in their campaign. Please let us know what you think about solar charging cases in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Solar Charging Without the Inconvenience”

  1. I’m curious, does it only charge in the sun? Or can it be charged by indoor lighting? Also what happens if you need a charge and you’re outside, will it potentially overheat your phone? Thanks

    1. Thanks for the comment, Savannah! It would only charge in UV radiation situations. Therefore, indoor charging will not be a sufficient charge. It can, however, charge in somewhat cloudy weather as sunlight does still penetrate. Not sure on the true efficiency of the panel.

      As for overheating the phone, I doubt it, unless it is very hot outside. It would be little different to your phone in a regular case, so I don’t think that will be a big issue. You can still charge through a window, though. Good thoughts!

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