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Everyone has a smartphone nowadays, but sometimes they are just too small. I find myself far too often in a state of chilling with a movie on my phone 2-inches from my face.  How about introducing a bigger hand-held screen that streams directly from your phone? Check out Superscreen. This device has a 10-inch screen that you can sync to your smartphone and use exactly the same way you would your phone.

Superscreen is a tablet that directly projects from your phone giving you a bigger viewing area without needing to keep track of what apps are on on what device. With it’s 10-inch screen, you can watch videos in HD without straining your eyes from staring at a device so close to your face. It has a microphone, camera, and speakers to stream games, apps, and movies all on a bigger screen.

Superscreen is easy to use, and compatible with IOS and Android. Simply download the app on your phone, sync with the Superscreen, and you are ready to go. Whether the app you are using requires a microphone or gyroscopic abilities, the Superscreen is ready to create a larger, easier way to experience your phone.

There are a few things that I will question about the Superscreen. Nowhere in their campaign does it say exactly how the connection is made. Does it use Bluetooth? Usually, if you are connected via Bluetooth you cannot connect to other devices simultaneously, which is something that it is said that Superscreen can do. The campaign advertises this device as being able to connect to a keyboard, headphones, or other devices via Bluetooth. How about WiFi? Superscreen uses the data from your phone so it can be used outside of WiFi. Yet from the demos, the synchronicity seems very well done.  I have contacted developers and am waiting on an answer for this to see how reliable it will really be.


Superscreen is a  great device with good specs, but is it worth it? Admittedly, I have been using my phone to stream too much. I cannot see myself spending $300 on a device specifically devoted to streaming from my phone. Granted, it is less than spending $600 on an iPad, but I would rather spend less than $50 and just stream to my TV. Even with these few questions, Superscreen has raised 1285% of their original goal of $50,000. At this rate, it may hit the market and take off with no problem. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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