Smart Plug – Non-Invasive Edition

We have seen the push for smart homes everywhere recently. In theory, a smart home sounds fantastic and convenient. The downside is the cost. There are plenty of economic options that work great, but they all tend to get in the way. Swidget is different. It seemlessly integrates smart technology into your home without any rewiring or protruding plugs.

Swidget is a replacement for your old outlet. Simply remove the existing plug and hook Swidget to the existing wires and you are ready to go. This smart plug is made up of two components: the outlet itself and the swappable inserts, which can be controlled with your smartphone via WiFi. The company also has made Swidget compatible with all smart platforms.

In theory, these inserts could perform a number of functions, such as a pet cam for when you’re on vacation or perhaps an aromatherapy insert that replaces those clunky plug-ins. But currently, only two inserts are scheduled to ship when orders are fulfilled. Each order will come with a Swidget outlet and depending on the pledge, a Wi-Fi insert, Z-Wave insert, or both, allowing for wireless control and power consumption monitoring of an outlet. Other inserts are set to begin production when benchmark funding goals are reached, like a USB charger, nightlight, and emergency light.

If Swidget can do everything the company promises, then this is one handy little gadget. But it’s entirely possible that if funding isn’t met, you’ll be left with an outlet that, while swappable, has nothing to swap with, essentially becoming just another smart outlet with a singular function. However, They are currently working to get the designs out for the inserts so that there can be an open source of accessories made by anyone. This would drastically speed up development for alternatives and tremendously increase the number of options out there.

Currently, backers have donated around $75K far exceeding the original goal of $40K. The first stretch goal, the USB charger insert, will be unlocked at $100K so they are getting close. The lights are unlocked at $250K and $500K which does not seem likely at this rate. There is a high potential to reach the first, however. If you would like to help them push for that goal, feel free to look at the campaign and pledge. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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