Some of the best inventions solve the simplest of inconveniences. The Switcheroo addresses an issue that I and many of you face on a daily basis. Outlets dedicated to light switches are a blessing and curse. The Switcheroo makes them a blessing.


Dedicated light switches are often in the most inconvenient places. The outlet is almost never in a central location where a light switch would be most used. The best solution involves running new electrical through the walls dedicated to the desired switch. The best solution, however, is neither convenient nor feasible.


Switcheroo is a two-piece product that uses the switch activated outlet to transmit a signal to a normally live outlet. One Switcheroo unit placed on a switch activated outlet can be set to “send,” which allows the switch to activate a broadcasted signal. Another Switcheroo can be placed on a live outlet in “receive” mode, which makes anything plugged into the Switcheroo live when the switch is on. It does not require an app, smartphone, WiFi, or Bluetooth to function. This simple setup and easy execution makes light switches more versatile and convenient.




The Switcheroo can also be used to group lights or other electronics for specific purposes. It is advertised for grouping Christmas lights on a single switch or all lights within a room to a single switch. It can be used on other electronics beyond lighting if the need or desire is there.


Outlets dedicated to a switch are rarely where we want them to be. There are numerous options to “fix” the issue, but none of them are truly practical or affordable. The Switcheroo should make it to market at around $55, which makes it an affordable solution with possibilities. The developers did not go into extensive detail on the signal transmission, but they do claim reliability. The simplicity of the product, however, makes its success very promising. The Kickstarter project has just surpassed their goal and is seeking FCC and safety approval.


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