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Wearable Charging Cable

Everything is wearable these days, but have you ever seen a wearable charging cable? Yes you heard correctly. NIFTYX has created an elegant cable that you can wear as a bracelet. This hand braided leather wrist band looks so nice that if you wear one, people will not know you are wearing your charging cable on your wrist. Since it is completely waterproof it is handy and available for all situations. Continue reading Wearable Charging Cable



As much as we pine for a wireless world, charging cables and computer connectors are still a large part of our life. Each smartphone is equipped with a different cable that is incompatible with another and each major smartphone brand has their phone specific cable that costs more than we like to pay. MACNETO proposes a convenient and smart solution that eliminates the need for multiple cables. Continue reading MACNETO


As I look through startups and new products being built, I am always on the lookout for products that fulfill a need I see in everyday life. One that I have always struggled with is my phone cords. They are always breaking or wearing out and I am sick of it. I found a product that should solve my dilemma called Magcord. Magcord is a charging cord that connects your phone to a USB port ensuring that you do not rip it out of your phone by accident. But there are more perks than you would think at first glance.

Continue reading Magcord