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True Protection

There’s no limit to the amount of abuse we subject our smartphones to, so shouldn’t their protective cases should be limitless as well? Luckily, Mous has recently released a new line of iPhone cases that make use of Airo Shock, described as “an advanced smart-material engineered to offer the ultimate protection.” The Limitless collection is a group of iPhone cases designed to protect your phone, whether it slips out of your pocket onto the concrete, or from a few stories above the ground. Continue reading True Protection

Solar Charging Without the Inconvenience

Smartphone batteries are crap. Using your smartphone to its full potential results in a dead phone before the day is over. Very quickly, expandable batteries became a big hit on crowdfunding sites, but those need a wall charge too. The next natural, innovative step is clean charging using solar technology. Sunthetic brings solar charging in a slim, convenient form.  Continue reading Solar Charging Without the Inconvenience

Keep Your Eye Busy

The iPhone has been improving over the past several years. I know… I would have rathered a headphone jack too, but overall it has improved. Wouldn’t it be great if it could be a little heavier and more prone to viruses though? Of course! This gadget does all that and more. The Eye takes your iPhone and straps an Android on the back. Presumably this is designed so that you can enjoy the perks from both worlds, but in my opinion you should just finish that glass of Kool aid and stick with the iPhone. Continue reading Keep Your Eye Busy