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Enjoy your music without being in your own world

Although headphones may be a great way of immersing yourself in the music, they also have a nasty tendency to isolate you from external noises that you need to hear, such as ringing phones or people who are yelling at you. Electrical/computer engineer Shari Eskenas first attempted to address this situation with her SoundBrake device. Now, after a successful crowdfunding campaign, she’s back with the new-and-improved SoundBrake 2.0. We gave the thing a whirl. The basic idea is still the same. Continue reading Enjoy your music without being in your own world

Path to Success: Week 17

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Featured this week on Path to Success:

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Ultraloq: http://voxinventum.com/ultraloq/
ET Mini: http://voxinventum.com/campaign-suspension-warranted/
SID: http://voxinventum.com/sid/
Upright Go: http://voxinventum.com/upright-go/



Recently I switched to the iPhone 7. It is a great phone with better visuals, sound, and great connectivity via Bluetooth and WiFi. One thing that has been removed from the iPhone 7, that has been included on every iPhone and any other phone, is the headphone jack. I was a little concerned about this because I love to use my apple headphones, but now I cannot use them unless it is unplugged from the power source. If you want to be able to have your device plugged in and still use your old headphones, you should take a look at AirJack.

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