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CrossHelmet Changes Your Motorcycle Experience

In a world of increasing connectivity, riders are very interested in gear that not only offers more safety, but also entertainment options like an onboard camera, music controls and group communications. The Crosshelmet X1 offers all that, and more. Like most of these gadgets, it’s Bluetooth-integrated, which should allow communication with cellphones and other electronic gadgets, as well as communication units and possibly smart helmets made by other manufacturers. All the information the helmet collects, including its rear-view camera, is collected in a heads-up display in the front visor. Continue reading CrossHelmet Changes Your Motorcycle Experience

Path to Success: Week 20

It’s a new day! That means that Path to Success has been altered a little. I wanted to keeps things fast and easier to digest. So Path to Success is only featuring 3 products now. I update you on 2 products that I talked about last week and 1 new product with some better detail! Also, I also made things a little faster and shorter so you can be on with your day. Continue reading Path to Success: Week 20