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A little light pooping

Well, if your summer has just been in the toilet so far, take a look at this project for a smile (I hope). We’re talking about the Projector IllumiBowl. We all struggle with bright lights while we are still half asleep in the morning. Even worse, staggering into the bathroom in the middle of the night to a rude awakening… literally. That blinding light pops on and you are temporarily paralyzed as your eyes adjust. This is the issue IllumiBowl sets out to fix.¬† Continue reading A little light pooping

Is Dancing the New Gaming?

Motion tracking for martial artists and dancers? Atomic Bands was created for just that. Built with rhythm training and built-in sound, this unique motion tracker brings a special product to the market. Dance and martial arts training is tough and takes training. Atomic Bands helps you stay disciplined and technically proficient. Continue reading Is Dancing the New Gaming?