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Walkie-Talkie Takes Smartphones Away From Kids

The age old questions… Should kids use technology at a young age? And what technology is ok for kids? Studies have shown the effects of smartphone use on young kids and how it can be detrimental to their attention span. Okio created a solution to our smartphone addicted age, the Okie-talkie.  Continue reading Walkie-Talkie Takes Smartphones Away From Kids

Car Phone Mount Uses NanoSuction to Stick

Nano technology seeped its way into every area of consumer tech. The car phone mount is not exception to this epidemic. Fortunately, this epidemic resulted in a wave of technological improvements that keep bettering our lives. Lauco developed the next generation of car phone mounts that doesn’t annoy the crap out of you. Continue reading Car Phone Mount Uses NanoSuction to Stick

the tiny jelly

Unihertz’s Jelly phone sounds like an all-things-miniature dream come true. It has a 2.45-inch display and is designed to fit in your pocket without losing any functionality. It also runs Android Nougat and comes in three colors: white, a sky blue, and black. As a proponent of all odd phone designs, as well as tiny objects, I’m rooting for the Jelly on Kickstarter. I’m also really hoping it isn’t a scam. Continue reading the tiny jelly