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Walkie-Talkie Takes Smartphones Away From Kids

The age old questions… Should kids use technology at a young age? And what technology is ok for kids? Studies have shown the effects of smartphone use on young kids and how it can be detrimental to their attention span. Okio created a solution to our smartphone addicted age, the Okie-talkie.  Continue reading Walkie-Talkie Takes Smartphones Away From Kids

Keep Your Eye Busy

The iPhone has been improving over the past several years. I know… I would have rathered a headphone jack too, but overall it has improved. Wouldn’t it be great if it could be a little heavier and more prone to viruses though? Of course! This gadget does all that and more. The Eye takes your iPhone and straps an Android on the back. Presumably this is designed so that you can enjoy the perks from both worlds, but in my opinion you should just finish that glass of Kool aid and stick with the iPhone. Continue reading Keep Your Eye Busy



SELFLY is a phone case camera that flies. This is a genius replacement for your selfie stick that takes pictures and videos. It is a two piece phone case, part of which detaches and flies around. This section streams its view directly to your phone which can be set to follow you or set to be controlled, allowing you to capture exactly what you are wanting to see.

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As much as we pine for a wireless world, charging cables and computer connectors are still a large part of our life. Each smartphone is equipped with a different cable that is incompatible with another and each major smartphone brand has their phone specific cable that costs more than we like to pay. MACNETO proposes a convenient and smart solution that eliminates the need for multiple cables. Continue reading MACNETO


As I look through startups and new products being built, I am always on the lookout for products that fulfill a need I see in everyday life. One that I have always struggled with is my phone cords. They are always breaking or wearing out and I am sick of it. I found a product that should solve my dilemma called Magcord. Magcord is a charging cord that connects your phone to a USB port ensuring that you do not rip it out of your phone by accident. But there are more perks than you would think at first glance.

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Steadicam Volt

Cinematic videography with smartphones is becoming easier as our handheld devices are becoming more… Wait, I think that I have said this before. The smartphone gimbal is becoming a popular invention and is stepping into the consumer realm very quickly. The Tiffen Company is weighing in with their own adaptation, the Steadicam Volt, which comes close on the heals of the FlowMotion One (discussed in a previous article). Continue reading Steadicam Volt