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Batteries Suck. So Solar Power Is Still Out…

Driving a solar car 2,700 KM sounds pretty awesome. A group of 50 students called Midnight Sun from the University of Waterloo are constructing their state-of-the-art solar car to compete in the 2018 American Solar Challenge. A wonderful mixture of engineering and computer science, solar cars are beautiful vehicles based on sustainable energy generation. However, we won’t see solar cars anytime soon. Continue reading Batteries Suck. So Solar Power Is Still Out…

HELIO: The Lackluster Reveal of Nothing New

I recently wrote a quick overview of the HELIO, but I’d like to delve a little deeper. Solar technology received a huge push over the past few years and powerbanks are no exception. Unfortunately, this push included guilt tripping you into buying the product. But I’ll focus on HELIO and what it has to offer. Continue reading HELIO: The Lackluster Reveal of Nothing New

Solar Charging Without the Inconvenience

Smartphone batteries are crap. Using your smartphone to its full potential results in a dead phone before the day is over. Very quickly, expandable batteries became a big hit on crowdfunding sites, but those need a wall charge too. The next natural, innovative step is clean charging using solar technology. Sunthetic brings solar charging in a slim, convenient form.  Continue reading Solar Charging Without the Inconvenience


Today I got home from work and relaxed to some Netflix on my phone. I was soon to get the dreaded “low battery” alert just before it was time to run a few errands. I like keeping my portable battery charger with me but today it was not charged either. I need something that I can carry in my pocket to power my devices that I will not have to keep charging separately. I love the idea of solar chargers and that is why PocketPower caught my eye. Continue reading PocketPower