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Drinking Water from the Air You Breathe

Water is one of the most valuable resources on the planet. Nations waged war over this simple but vital element. We often struggle with drought and water scarcity which pushes us into finding better sources. The Dewgood accepts that challenge by drawing water from the air we breathe and condensing that moisture into clean, clear drinking water. Continue reading Drinking Water from the Air You Breathe

Path to Success: Week 20

It’s a new day! That means that Path to Success has been altered a little. I wanted to keeps things fast and easier to digest. So Path to Success is only featuring 3 products now. I update you on 2 products that I talked about last week and 1 new product with some better detail! Also, I also made things a little faster and shorter so you can be on with your day. Continue reading Path to Success: Week 20