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CrossHelmet Changes Your Motorcycle Experience

In a world of increasing connectivity, riders are very interested in gear that not only offers more safety, but also entertainment options like an onboard camera, music controls and group communications. The Crosshelmet X1 offers all that, and more. Like most of these gadgets, it’s Bluetooth-integrated, which should allow communication with cellphones and other electronic gadgets, as well as communication units and possibly smart helmets made by other manufacturers. All the information the helmet collects, including its rear-view camera, is collected in a heads-up display in the front visor. Continue reading CrossHelmet Changes Your Motorcycle Experience

Movement Tracking Makes You the Controller

Wearable tech is a broad field, and developers have taken advantage of the possibilities. The recent developments into VR have introduced a host of new wearable tech made to fit active lifestyles. The e-skin proposes a new way to tackle movement tracking for VR, AR, and MR purposes. However, I see it as being a scientific endeavor. Continue reading Movement Tracking Makes You the Controller

Enjoy the cold with Polar Seal

Hikers, skiers, and trail runners searching for an extra layer to keep them warm during cold weather activities should look no further than the Polar Seal. This new active pullover features integrated heating elements designed to keep the wearer warm even in the coldest of conditions. With up to 8 hours of battery life on a single charge, the Polar Seal heated pullover will keep outdoor athletes warm, even on cold winter days. Continue reading Enjoy the cold with Polar Seal

Smartshoe: The Next Step In Wearable Tech

Back to the Future Part 2 enthralled us with all of the inventions we should have seen by 2015. Unfortunately, no one developed a hover-board or a flying car (of the same caliber). However, Marty McFly’s excellent shoes just became a reality.  Digitsole introduces the next generation of wearable,smart technology, the smartshoe. Continue reading Smartshoe: The Next Step In Wearable Tech

posture corrector

Whether you’re in the car, at the office, or on a walk around the neighborhood, slouching doesn’t have to be part of your daily routine with Upright’s new posture training device. Appropriately named the Upright Go, the company’s latest posture corrector alerts you of poor posture via vibration and provides feedback even when you’re on the move. Users can now sit, stand, walk, and even drive with the device on. Continue reading posture corrector

Wearable Charging Cable

Everything is wearable these days, but have you ever seen a wearable charging cable? Yes you heard correctly. NIFTYX has created an elegant cable that you can wear as a bracelet. This hand braided leather wrist band looks so nice that if you wear one, people will not know you are wearing your charging cable on your wrist. Since it is completely waterproof it is handy and available for all situations. Continue reading Wearable Charging Cable