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Wireless Tech Draws Exploitation

Wireless headphones struck a chord with the audio world. However, the transition to wireless tech takes time. Companies like Apple attempted to push the technology forward too quickly. So small developers began inventing devices to make the transition simple and transform your wired headphones into wireless tech. Unfortunately, some developers take advantage of a situation. Continue reading Wireless Tech Draws Exploitation

Delux Vertical mouse helps reduce wrist problems

When it comes to your workstation, we’ve paid plenty of heed to your wrist with wrist pads for your mouse and keyboard and ergonomically sound mice. But we see far more equipment helping your back, legs, and eyes in the everyday office.  Even though there are plenty of specialty mice on the market, we still need to keep our thoughts in place for preventing wrist issues like carpel tunnel. Here to help is a new wireless mouse, the Delux Vertical Mouse.

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Keyless Entry by Fingerprint, Fob, and Remote

Once again, I’ll dive into the smart lock genre. Previously, we wrote about the Teodoor, which offers manual locking in addition to wireless. The Ultraloq, on the other hand, combines fingerprint technology with similar wireless technology. Smart locks have evolved and each new iteration has provided options on the market and innovation in the field. Continue reading Keyless Entry by Fingerprint, Fob, and Remote

True Wireless Charging


Wireless charging is the next chapter in wireless technology. Qualcomm technology has shown us that wireless charging is not only possible, but it is certain to be an industry norm. The problem with wireless charging is that something always has to be wired to receive the power. MotherBox brings wireless charging to a new level with truly wireless power transfer. Continue reading True Wireless Charging



Recently I switched to the iPhone 7. It is a great phone with better visuals, sound, and great connectivity via Bluetooth and WiFi. One thing that has been removed from the iPhone 7, that has been included on every iPhone and any other phone, is the headphone jack. I was a little concerned about this because I love to use my apple headphones, but now I cannot use them unless it is unplugged from the power source. If you want to be able to have your device plugged in and still use your old headphones, you should take a look at AirJack.

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