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Today we will be looking at a technology that is innovative and helpful, but it is not entirely new. For a while now, homes have been getting increasingly smarter. From your appliances to your outlets, you can remotely control all of your electronics, but now you can even apply smart features to things in your house that are not electric at all. Teodoor is a small device that is installed over your door’s lock to transform it into a smart lock.

Teodoor fits over almost all traditional locking mechanisms and has features that give homeowners peace of mind. Simply place the knob over your deadbolt or EU lock and set your preferences in the IOS or Android app to install this tool to your door. The software allows you to grant permission to whomever you want and allows you to monitor when and who is accessing your house.

For busy families with varying schedules, Teodoor can be set however you are most comfortable and however is most convenient. Your door can be set to manual or automatic. On manual mode, you can rotate the knob like you would a stereo knob to unlock the door. This is helpful if you do not typically carry your phone around the house with you. Or you can set the door to unlock automatically when you are near enough to the door. Finally, you can give access to friends if you are not home to let them in. If this makes you uncomfortable, you can give them temporary access, or you can give them access on a reoccurring schedule.

I like this concept because it gives peace of mind, easy entrance, and a nice look with the aesthetics of a brass or aluminium knob. But if you recall, at the beginning of this article I said that this is not new. You may have seen some smart locks before, but the closest one I found was the August lock. It also is a knob that has similar software included. There are a few differences, however. Teodoor is the only smart lock that does not replace your lock but just covers it up. August lock has a camera feature so that you can communicate with people on your doorstep, but it doesn’t have the option to be manual. Over all, it just depends on which lock you find more attractive for your home.

Teodoor has been doing well as a campaign. They have raised almost two thirds of funding with 32 days still to go. If you like this concept and this product, I encourage you to go back them on Kickstarter. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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