Timesheets Just Got Easier With Tiller

Timesheets suck. They’re extremely useful to a business for keeping track of time on jobs and company expenses. But filling out timesheets takes time and it’s way to easy to forget what you did in a week. Tiller makes keeping track of time easy and puts your company analytics at your fingertips.

Timesheets take time. So while they help track work time, they also take up time that you could be productive. Also, a lot of people forget to fill out their timesheet or put it off till Friday. Good luck remembering all you worked on throughout the week.


The developers at Joan designed a simple tool that lets you track time easily while you work. Started working on a job? Simply tap the Tiller and it begins tracking your time. Working on a different job? Rotate the disket top to the desired job and tap to start. It’s easy to use and faster than filling out a timesheet.

Beyond a simple physical build, Tiller uses sophisticated software. Joan developed a program to work with Tiller that keeps track of your budgets, edits, comments, and various tasks. Their software works with Mac and Windows and has a user-friendly layout to make it easy and intuitive. Additionally, Joan is integrating Tiller with popular apps like Harvest, Toggl, WorkflowMax, and AND CO.


Overall, Tiller makes timesheets simple. It’s hard to find anything wrong with Tiller without delving into the software, but the concept is brilliant. Most people struggle to fill out their timesheets on a daily basis and filling them out on Friday is rarely very accurate. Tiller simplifies the process and helps you track productivity throughout a project’s lifetime. What do you think of Tiller? Would this type of product help you or your business? Tell us in the comments!


Joan launched Tiller on Kickstarter and has raised over $55,000.


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