Total Body Portable Gym


Double Flex Black is a portable gym that you can conveniently bring anywhere. This is a compact product with incredible usages and results. Its patented technology replaces bands and weights to give you a completely portable full body workout. 


This new product has the capability to be used with resistance inward and outward. Double Flex Black uses nylon coated, stainless steel cables while using SpiraFlex powered resistance. The cables are connected to several pulleys to provide maximum extension. SpiraFlex, which is what astronauts use in space to retain muscle mass and bone density, gives this product its resistance. It is a spiral shaped coil that twists to cause resistance when you bend the Double Flex in your workout. Each spiral gives 5 lbs of resistance and you can include up to five spirals at a time.



Double Flex Black‘s most unique quality is that you create resistance by bending the device or hanging onto the ergonomic hand grips and pulling them outward. You have to focus on one muscle group at a time when using free weights. This makes giving each muscle group equal attention more difficult. You can workout all muscle groups at the same time with Double Flex’s ability to create resistance inwardly and outwardly. With SpiraFlex you do not work against gravity, and full resistance is only when the coil is all the way compressed, which eliminates joint and bone stress that can be caused by the use of free weight workouts.



This apparatus is small and light weight, making it perfect for any situation. In all, the Double Flex Black weighs 2 lbs, and is foldable allowing it to fit easily in a carrying case, backpack, or hand bag. Follow their final days on Kickstarter and let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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