Photographers rejoice

Lens holsters allow photographers to carry an extra lens without the bulky camera bag, but one startup is taking it even further with a three-lens holster designed for quick lens swaps. TriLens by Frii Designs provides access to up to three lenses on a spinning holster right on your hip and even keeps track of your lens caps. The TriLens could help photographers swap out lenses faster.

Wedding photographer, Jonas Lundin, was tired of missing moments while he was switching to the right lens, so he designed his own solution. At the heart of the TriLens is a base that mounts up to three lenses in the same way a lens twists onto the camera body. That base, attached using a belt clip, spins 360 degrees to allow you to easily grab the lens you need without having to dig for it.

The rotating base is self-balancing, which means the heaviest lens will always point downward, which helps keep the system from bouncing around while you’re  moving around a shoot. The lens holsters will work with Canon, Nikon, and Sony mounts that aren’t wider than 3 5/8 inches. The system is rated to hold up to 220 pounds, well under the weight of even heavy telephoto lenses.

Once you twist the lens off, a magnetic lens cap attachment means you can just slide the cap right where the lens was, allowing you to keep track of your caps while also keeping dirt and debris out of the holster. Designed with steel and reinforced nylon, the entire system is weather resistant.

I can attest, as someone with a hobby in photography, that keeping track of your lenses and be burdensome. But what is absolutely worse is missing moments. I do not see any flaws in this design and I look forward to being able to show this product off in person in the future.

The startup is hoping to secure at least 600 pre-orders via the Kickstarter campaign that began May 9. They have exceeded their goal with only 513 backers so far. There is plenty of time left on the campaign so hope on over to Kickstarter and get one for yourself. Have you ever had an issue with carrying or changing lenses? Give us an anecdote in the comment section below.

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