Keyless Entry by Fingerprint, Fob, and Remote

Once again, I’ll dive into the smart lock genre. Previously, we wrote about the Teodoor, which offers manual locking in addition to wireless. The Ultraloq, on the other hand, combines fingerprint technology with similar wireless technology. Smart locks have evolved and each new iteration has provided options on the market and innovation in the field.

Smart locks provide hands-free entry of the home as well as added security. Numerous smart locks stormed the market with a unique twist to each one. Ultraloq is no exception to the rule.

U-tec developed the UL3 BT smart lock which sold at Walmart and Home Depot. Using their new knowledge and experience, they developed the next generation. The Ultraloq packs more technology into a smaller design.

This new design includes two pieces, the latch and the deadbolt. U-tec built the latch with primarily three different unlocking methods. The latch unlocks with either a fingerprint, bluetooth proximity (using a smartphone), or a contactless keyfob. The original design included all the locking features for just the latch. However, a stretch goal brought the deadbolt.

The deadbolt acts in tandem with the latch. Therefore, when the latch is unlocked, a signal communicates with the deadbolt to unlock. The added deadbolt makes this lock more secure and gives it the edge on other smart locks.

For entry, the fingerprint entry and bluetooth proximity is pretty straightforward. The keyfob, however, presents something slightly different. Initially, the keyfob entry concerned me since stealing it would be as easy as stealing a key. However, U-tec developed the keyfob to be linked via a smartphone app. In the even that the keyfob is lost or stolen, the app can be deleted and the keyfob will no longer be functional.

The Ultraloq introduces a new smart lock with nothing totally new. However, this smart lock offers something completely new. Built by a proven company, the Ultraloq brings a quality smart lock with lots of potential. It offers more functionality and features than the Teodoor and costs just $30 more at $145 on IndieGoGo. If you want the deadbolt and latch combination, the price tag goes up to $199. Granted, the retail price brings that total to $517 after the IndieGoGo campaign ends, which strikes me as quite high. If these prices hold true, take advantage of the massive discount on IndieGoGo in the next 14 days.

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