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Universal Controller for All Games

Game controllers evolve with game systems. Every system creates their own controller with their own gimmicks. Consequently, every controller presents their own unique compatibility issues. The ALL Controller was created to function with any and all modern systems with complete customizability making it a true universal controller. 

Digital Depth, Inc. developed the ALL Controller and are readying the final design in the next two months. They envisioned a truly universal controller and created the most customizable controller on the market. With the capability to program macros, keyboard layouts, and much more, the ALL Controller introduces the most flexible and powerful controller to date.


First of all, this controller offers compatibility. It connects to PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox 360 & One, Android, iOS, Playstation 3 & 4, and more. Also, it comes wired or wireless so Bluetooth connections are also available. However, wireless connections do require a USB dongle plugged into your console or PC. Overall, the ALL Controller communicates with almost any system.

universal controller


Additionally, the controller provides a built-in operating system. Simply put, you can customize everything. The controller can even map keyboard and mouse games. So you can save 16 different profiles directly to the controller. Additionally, you can set up button combos and macros with the OS. So you can fully customize the controller without needing a separate computer program.

universal controller

The developers kept hardcore gamers in mind in development. So the controller uses all the usual buttons with the addition of two back paddles. They incorporated these skill paddles to give gamers an edge in high-skill games. Other customizable options include: joystick dead zone, trigger sensitivity, and joystick sensitivity. All these options together are impossible to find in another controller.


Most of all, the ALL Controller brings the controller to all games. Games that use a mouse and keyboard can now be played with a controller. The developers made this controller to translate keyboard functions to controller inputs. So you can now play old format games with new technology. This feature alone makes the ALL Controller an amazing product.

universal controller

People have sought after the universal controller for years. Unfortunately, it takes a dedicated third-party developer to make it happen. Luckily, Digital Depth Inc. brings us everything we wanted with a great on-board OS and ultimate customization at a reasonable price.


The ALL Controller is seeking funding on Kickstarter. They exceeded their goal and are looking forward to stretch goals. You can pick up a wired controller for $65. For a universal controller, this price competes with other gaming controllers. Also, you should note that this controller is a real and finished product. They are seeking to bring it to market production. So let us know what you think of the ALL Controller!

universal controller

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