Update: GARY 1.0… 2.0


After some correspondence with the developers of GARY, I have had the opportunity to answer a few of my own questions. My previous post about GARY contained a few critiques to the project as well as questioning the validity of the project itself. Thanks to quick replies from the developers, the GARY has gained some measure of clarity.


I will begin with something a little more inconsequential, the GARY name. GARY was named after the snail in Spongebob due to the shape of the winder. The simple winder with a pair of headphones wound up does resemble the shelled creature.


The more important questions were on the product timeline and the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). There were discrepancies that caused us to question whether the developers were handling the production appropriately and whether you could trust your investment into the project.


The timeline on Kickstarter did not portray the true timeline of the project, which led to Kickstarter closing funding to the project. Sebastian Max (one of the developers) told us that this was an unfortunate mistake. While this does answer the question, it may not set backer’s minds at ease.



Another concern that led us to speaking directly to Sebastian about the project was the second GARY project on IndieGoGo. The second project was created to compensate for a change in MOQ. Our concern was that the MOQ was not considered before launching the project, which would show a lack of responsibility by the developers. Sebastian informed us that the MOQ had been increased by the manufacturer from 5,000 pieces to 10,000 pieces.


Sebastian Max is confident that the GARY 2.0, which sports a slimmer body and new color, will ship on time to backers. While I am still not completely impressed with the communication from the developers, they have been quick to reply and seem to have a legitimate product. We will continue to keep in contact with Sebastian to reach out for a test product. Be sure to comment what you think about GARY and let us know if you are getting one!

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