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UV Sanitizer Uses LED to Kill Germs

I admit that I’m not one of those clean freaks. I don’t carry hand sanitizer everywhere I go. However, cleanliness keeps a host of diseases and sicknesses at bay. Cleanty offers the smallest and most powerful UV sanitizer that can eliminate 99% of germs without any chemicals.

Some people take cleanliness to the next level. However, most people have at least a sensible routine of cleaning unusually germified surfaces. So we clean our keyboards, toilet seats, and countertops with antibacterial chemicals. But chemicals can be dangerous and environmentally detrimental.

Cleanty eliminates bacteria using an intense LED UV light. Within 5 seconds, it kills over 90% of germs from any surface. The UV rays break apart DNA strands in living organisms including bacteria. Therefore all living microorganisms residing on your keyboard die without any chemicals. While handheld UV sanitizers have existed for a while, LED sanitizers are fairly new.

uv sanitizer

Keep in mind that killing germs in place leave any dead bacteria. So if you want to get rid of that grimy residue, you’ll still need to use a cloth. However, it still kills harmful bacteria without chemicals.

Additionally, Intense UV lights come with a warning. UV lights should not be used on living things. While it breaks apart DNA in bacteria, it also damages DNA strands in other organisms. Animals and plants can be damaged by focused UV light.

uv sanitizer

The developers built Cleanty to be portable and convenient. It comes with a rechargeable Li-PO battery while being small enough for your pocket. So if you’re a very clean person, Cleanty fits in most pockets.

Overall, the developers created a neat product that cleans effectively. They are seeking funding on Kickstarter and have raised almost $10,000 with 31 days left. Would you use an LED UV sanitizer? Let us know in the comments!

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