Measuring in Two Directions

Laser technology brought on a myriad of inventions that advanced the world into the modern era. Using this same technology, the VH-80 revolutionizes the way we take measurements. Laser distance measurements just became easier with bilateral laser projection.

Traditionally, tape measures stretch across an expanse to figure out just how long that countertop is. Later, the laser distance measurer made those measurements a little quicker and easier. However, each option requires a measurement from one point to another.

While this is not completely inconvenient, it does pose some difficulties for certain measurements. When measuring from one point to the next, it becomes difficult to determine the center point. This simple problem is not enough to warrant the VH-80, so they provided much more.

The VH-80 is a bilateral laser measurer. This means that the VH-80 sends out two lasers and measures distance on either end of the device. Therefore, this laser measurer does not need to rest on an object or at a far side to measure a distance. The VH-80 can be rest anywhere between two objects and measure a distance of up to 80 meters. This convenience alone sets it apart from every other device.

The bilateral function is something special, but the VH-80 was programmed for even more convenience. This laser device can also determine area and volume. Additionally, the device can measure each side independently to determine the center point, which perfect for centering that picture in the living room.

Measuring distances is only the first use of any measuring tool. The conventional measuring tape can determine area and volume by measuring multiple dimensions. The VH-80 is programmed to calculate are automatically. Using a quick mathematical formula, the laser device takes multiple measurements to calculate are.

Going above and beyond, the VH-80 can determine the pythagoras to determine that length at angle. Confused? I’ll try to explain without a full math lesson. The Pythagorean Theorem uses a distance and an angle to determine the length of the other two sides of a triangle. Still confused? The image below should help on that explanation.

Overall, it’s hard to find something bad about the VH-80. The technology is sound and the implementation is practical. This laser device is currently funding on Kickstarter and has exceeded its goals. The VH-80 retails at $249, which feels steep, but for this kind of laser tool, it is the right price. How does the VH-80 measure up to your standards? Let us know in the comments!

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