Walkie-Talkies Just Got Weird and Gross

Ever wanted to speak to your friends using a piece of technology from the 40s? Even better, want to talk to your friends through a moldy looking fruit? The Guac-e Talk-e gives you both of those things that you never wanted! Let’s dig into just how whacky and useless these walkie-talkies are.

I’m a pretty open-minded person with technological inventions. Many inventions provide a new, innovative perspective on existing technology. Also, some reach into the past to bring retro-styled technology back. However, the Guac-e Talk-e reaches way too far back and gives you something you never wanted.

Before cell phones, walkie-talkies provided a simple two-way communication tool over distance. However, cell phones make walkie-talkies a non-issue and nearly obsolete. On the other hand, kids love to pick some up as toys from Toys-R-Us or the Dollar Tree.

Even better, a pair of Guac-e Talk-es costs $60… offered as an early bird special! I cannot imagine paying that much for a funny piece of technology that looks as gross as it does.

So I stumbled on the Guac-e Talk-e on Kickstarter today. I hoped for a fun, useful piece of technology with at least a humorous artistic creation. Then I was accosted with a very ugly, moldy-looking piece of fruit. Just look at it!


I would throw that Avocado in the trash. But it gets better! The Guac-e Talk-e comes in different colors. So your fruit shaped walkie-talkie looks even worse!


I understand that the creators are trying to be cute and funny. However, this product reached the top of my list of strangest, ugliest, and most useless products.

I might be too critical of the Guac-e Talk-e. Maybe if they advertised it with a funny video and whacky, funny language on their campaign we would all be laughing along and buying our very own Gauc-e Talk-e’s as a gag gift. But they gave us an unfortunately serious video about how this product is moving into development. So I think I’ll pass.

Tell us what you think of the Guac-e Talk-e. Am I too critical? Will you be buying one?

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