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Wireless Tech Draws Exploitation

Wireless headphones struck a chord with the audio world. However, the transition to wireless tech takes time. Companies like Apple attempted to push the technology forward too quickly. So small developers began inventing devices to make the transition simple and transform your wired headphones into wireless tech. Unfortunately, some developers take advantage of a situation.

Let me preface this article with the acknowledgment that not all duplicate products are bad. Any product can be improved and simpler products have more flexibility. However, some developers take advantage of a sales opportunity.

The Jackster launched on Kickstarter seeking $5,000 toward completing their prototype for production. This Bluetooth headphone jack allows you to connect your headphones to your phone or PC without the wires.

wireless tech

Jackster uses fairly simple technology to create a Bluetooth connection to a mobile device. Beyond that, it includes a 3.5mm jack and some basic function buttons like volume and play/pause or answer. Overall, this adapter provides a simple function in a small, clip-on casing.

On the surface, Jackster appears to be a reasonable product. But, in comparison to similar products, it lacks additional features and costs more. Additionally, the developers fail to mention any real specific details on the product. It’s hard to really compare product with the limited information. They simply advertise it as a way to make any headset wireless. It sounds familiar…

Jack, said to make any headphones wireless, provides the same services with greater detail. This adapter uses very similar technology with a couple bonus features. They connect to multiple devices, have a slimmer form, and offer a 12-hour battery life. Jack appears to be a better product from all the features.

wireless tech

An inquisitive backer asked Jackster what makes them better than Jack. The developers answers were debatable. They claim to be smaller but fail to provide any specifications. They also tout a magnetic headset without any real specific details on why that’s a great thing. Jackster does claim to have a working prototype ready for production, which would make it a step ahead of Jack on the timeline.

Backing Kickstarter projects is a gamble. Detailed projects are always a safer bet. The Jack offers a great product with more features at $40. The developers also provide a lot more detail. However, The Jackster offers the same product with fewer features and less detail for about $60. Something doesn’t sit well with this project and backers are sniffing it out. While Jack reached over $800,000 on their product, the Jackster raised less than $8,000 in 10 days.

Do you think that the Jackster offers a better product? Is Jack a more trustworthy project? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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