The Windscreen for Your Headphones


Apple headphones are great for hands-free conversations, but the mic picks up a little bit of everything. The Apple mic is known for picking up an obscene amount of wind, scratching, and impact noise. A simple solution would be to add a little windscreen to the microphone, which is exactly why XPuff was created.


Apple headphones are not the greatest for input or output audio, but they are a cheap option since they come with most Apple devices. A majority of Apple product users use the Apple headphones in some capacity including hands-free phone conversations. One of the greatest frustrations is the mic input. The Apple mic lacks any measure of wind screening and allows any amount of scratching and banging to blast through the line.


The XPuff is a simple windscreen for your Apple headphones in a sleek package. The windscreen was developed by Form the Solution and tested by the Technical Research Institute of Sweden for sound cancelation. It is proven to reduce wind noise by as much as 76% for extreme weather situations. So, whether you are skiing, running, biking, or sailing, the XPuff will make your voice clearer and cleaner for the other side of the line.




The XPuff is made up of three simple pieces. It has a windscreen and two plastic bracket halves. The windscreen is placed around the Apple microphone, and the plastic brackets snap around it to hold the windscreen in place. The XPuff is hoping to sell for around $20 after the Kickstarter campaign has closed and the product has reached market.


XPuff has little than can go wrong with it as it is a tested product for effectiveness. We are uncertain if the noise reduction would impede the voice from being picked up by the microphone. If the windscreen is the proper density, this should not effect the microphone.


The other issue that may arise with the XPuff is the bracketing that should hold the windscreen to the microphone. The bracketing, from what we could tell by appearance, is made to grip the windscreen in place. The bracketing may not hold it in place well and the windscreen could start unraveling from the enclosure.


The XPuff looks like a simple but solid product for the right price. The Kickstarter campaign has about half of its funding and is offering the XPuff as a reward for only $10. Let us know if this product is worth purchasing to you in the comment section below!


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