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Recently, I have had the misfortune of having two screws puncture each rear tire of my MAZDA. After struggling with tires that I had to continue to reinflate, I finally removed the screws and patched the holes, but not a month later, there were two more screws waiting for me to deal with. The way I realized that I had an issue was seeing a flat tire. With new technology by Nonda, I could have saved immense wear and tear on my tires. ZUS is a sensor installed on each tire that measures tire pressure and alerts you when there is an issue.

ZUS replaces your air caps with sensors. These sensors send a signal to the receiver that you plug into your car’s USB port. The receiver in turn sends the real-time sensor data to the smartphone app that shows if the tire pressure is too high, too low, or at the right pressure. This information is very important because every one drop in PSI drops your gas mileage by 3%.

The Sensors

These sensors are accurate and durable. They have been engineered to withstand extreme heat and cold, and they will not be hindered with water or mud. They are not only protected from nature but also from theft. Each set comes with special nuts that lock the sensors in place making it much harder to remove.

The App

For a device like this, real-time tracking is very helpful, but there is more to the tracking than just real-time pressure gauge. First, the app stores previous readings, and the temperature to cross reference that with the conditions now. If you take a pressure reading of a cold tire, as opposed to a warm tire, it can read almost five points different. With ZUS, the readings are gauged with all this information taken into consideration.

While this technology is very helpful, it is not a new idea to say the least. most cars made past 2014 have this tire gauge built into the computer system. For this reason, ZUS will only be necessary for less advanced vehicles. That being said, ZUS will eventually be obsolete and all cars will be equipped with this automatically. One question that has arisen in my view of the product is with the anti-theft mechanism. As advertised, ZUS is easy to install and remove, but it also says that it is not easy to steal. It seems contradictory, and I have not seen any description explaining the difference.

To sum up, ZUS can be a great help to you in terms of safety and vehicle efficiency. It offers some good tools for monitoring tire pressure activity. The campaign on Indiegogo has been incredibly successful with almost 1000% funding with still a month to go. Does your car need this? Would you have better peace of mind knowing that your tires are well cared for? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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